Center for Individualized Weight Management & Integrative MedicineWe focus on:
  1. The person , not the disease.
  2. Helping patients to achieve a lifelong lifestyle changes to a permanent healthy weight, NOT a “quick fix” to weight loss.
  3. Personalize treatment to the uniqueness of each individual , not “ one size fits all”.
  4. Using foods, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to achieve health and longevity.
  5. Combining conventional and nutritional approach to illnesses.
  6. Minimizing drug side effects by using alternative treatment methods when appropriate.
  7. Addressing the root causes of diseases by using Functional Medicine, NOT just treating the symptoms.
  8. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement therapy to achieve vitality, energy ,and youthfulness.
  9. Proven Integrative Medicine approach to weight management along with conventional treatment for obesity tailored to patient’s desire.
  10. Specialty laboratory testing for minerals, vitamins, Amino Acids, toxic metals, allergies, stools, hormones, etc. to look for the root causes of your symptoms.